Two new additions

Two New Additions

Things have been super busy as of late and I wanted to mention the two new additions that are showing up on the right hand side of the page. This place is my home on the internet and where I stash a lot of things I want to refer back too. Fortunately I have four readers now that tune in to see what is going on. I appreciate that and hope that I can deliver at least what you are paying. The paying part is why the two new additions have arrived.

I do not have advertising on this site and I am not selling the information for those people that have signed up for the daily updates. It can cost some money to keep the place running. The other reality is that I send way to much money to Washington. Thanks to Obamacare it is time to make some more money.

The first way you can help out is by checking out the affiliate link to my web hosting company. Not only will you get a great company to host with I will get a credit as well. The support is phenomenal as well! This is a great time to join up as using the promo code BUSYOCTOBER will get you a $50 credit. I think that is a fantastic value. You sign up for $9.50 and get the next five months free!

The other thing that has been added is not going to get you five months free, but I think it delivers a fantastic value. I have been trying to get my hands on some of these UV paqlte products for almost two years. I have been unsuccessful in getting someone local to pick up the product line. Well evidently time was up as the wife signed us up as a dealer. That’s right you can now get your backup light sources directly at I am satisfied with them and glad to be able to help spread the word.

You never know when one of my daily update subscribers might get an announcement that they won something like a paqlite. Please help me out as now the health costs are going up do to the decreased efficiency that can only be brought to you by Washington.


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