Cooler Weather on the way

Cooler Weather

This will come as a shock to my two readers west of the Mississippi River, but here on the right coast the cooler weather has not gotten here yet. Well the brisk wind and the plummenting temperatures announced it would soon be here. With the forecast to go below freezing in the next couple of days it was time to perform those fall chores.

It was time to move the citrus trees in to the garage so they have a chance to make it. Not sure if the lemons will ever make it, but they certainly are the correct size. If I did not know any better I would have picked one of the limes. Good thing my wife was helping me and set me straight. Guess I will wait to see them turn yellow.

Once the citrus plants in it was time to prevent the house plants from turning yellow by bringing them in. Those plants certainly love being outside, but I can tell you from first hand experience that tropical type house plants do not like being in a cold trailer for two weeks. While these are safe as it is only cold for a little bit the replacements from that bit of wisdom are too big to sacrifice again.

I still need to see if the grapes are going to make it or will they not be big enough. Luckily I have another day before the frost sets in so I can get the last few things done. What about your list for cooler weather? Please feel free to chime in and let me know what I am forgetting. I would certainly appreciate it.

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