Today I challenge you to understand why it works while you are using it.

Understand why it Works

We have become increasingly dependent on technology and how it allows us to do things, but today I challenge you to understand why it works. I am not saying that we have to be able to give a phd analysis on it, however the reality is that we take a lot for granted. If you understand the concepts you can better see the fragility and potential areas that may be a problem.

I was reviewing the concepts of Ohm’s law yesterday while I was calculating the load for some LED’s. This is a pretty critical piece of the design and is something that many of us do not consider. We just enter a room and flip the switch and there is light. What happens if that infrastructural is not there and you must put something together to provide light?

So often in our daily lives we take the technology for granted. I can guarantee you that the folks 50 years ago made it a point to understand how the technology worked. They would need to know in case it needed fixing. The technology may be harder to fix now or come in a very small package, but we need to understand why it works.

What can you figure out when you sit down and think about it? Do you really understand how your cellphone communicates when you are talking to a friend or texting? Please share some of the things that you may know or are curious about. Understanding why it works is paramount to figuring out how to troubleshoot or replace it if needed.

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