The government does not want you to have Secure Communications!

Secure Communications

The government makes it clear everyday that they do not want you to have secure communications. This article from the eff describes exactly how they want a backdoor to your communication no matter what technology you use.

The reality is that there are very few conversations that do not go unnoticed by the Federal government. This newest legislation does nothing to help people feel better about their communications. You can always say what do I care if they record me as I have nothing to say or nothing to hide.

You might be the exact person that Benjamin Franklin warned about as these simple transgressions on our liberty in the name of security cost us our freedom. No matter what you talk about or how there should be a reasonable expectation of privacy and there should be no back door fro the government.

That is the United States that I grew up in. Now the government is intent to make sure that we do not have secure communications. The more time that goes by the more we should look for private communication.

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