Powerpole or Wire Terminal

Powerpole or Wire Terminal

While working on a small solar project one of the things that I am trying to decide is whether I want the connections to be Anderson powerpole or wire terminal. The acceptable usage and history certainly shows I can not go wrong with the wire terminal. The reality is I believe that it might be better to use the Anderson powerpole.

Powerpole_cutaway For those that are not familiar with the Anderson powerpole they have gained popularity in the ham radio community and radio controlled vehicle market. They also can handle a lot more power than what I would be using them for. One of the stumbling blocks is that I have some blade type of connections already on some of the equipment. If I go with the powerpole connectors then I would have to have a transition point.

Kabelschuh_verschiedene_commonsThe ability to use the standard ring and blade connectors would ensure that I minimize the transition points. That can be a good thing. In this case the external connections would all be the traditional 12 volt cigarette type plug we are all familiar with. That should limit any disconnection events that the traditional connections can suffer.

In this case I am torn between the powerpole or wire terminal connection. I would appreciate any input any of my readers may have. I do not have a deep applied knowledge of the powerpole so it may be possible that I am missing something in the powerpole or wire terminal comparison. Please add your comment below so we can all learn.


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