Thankful Thanksgiving Day

Thankful Thanksgiving

thankful thanksgiving traditional feastA thankful Thanksgiving is guaranteed for many of us. If we really look at what God has done in our lives we should be able to find an area to give thanks. Join me as I review the 7 reasons for a thankful thanksgiving.

  1. Those in the United States for having a country that allows freedom!

For all the political turmoil and the loss of freedom that we have undergone we are still a nation built on Freedom! The first two amendments guarantee that we will never truly lose the freedom.

  1. The soldiers and sailors that protect us from harm and stand watch!

Our men and women have been engaged for 10 long years. Despite the costs our military people endure we have those that are willing to stand up and protect this country from all enemies foreign and domestic. May God Bless the military and their Families.

  1. A Bountiful Harvest!

We have been spiritually blessed with so much in this country. Even in these dire times we still have been given much. The United States is still a place of great abundances. Our farmers still feed the world.

  1. For those of us that have Shelter!

The homelessness is this country continues to increase. Many are still blessed to live in a house. Be thankful for having somewhere to lay your head down and call home!

  1. The Blessings of Friends!

True friends are people you can not live without. Time and distance may separate but no matter what they respond.

  1. The steadfastness of Family!

No matter what happens these people are part of you. The blood of your ancestors and family run through you. Family is often taken advantage of, but they are you and we should thank them.

  1. God Almighty for giving us everything!

God has created everything for us. The price has already been paid. God is a provider, protector, and the rock that we should all rely on.

I truly wish that all 3 of my readers have a very Happy Thanksgiving day! My hope is that these 7 reasons will help you have a thankful thanksgiving. May your prayers be fruitful. If you are looking for more info about God or wanting to worship may I suggest Pastor Craig Groeschel and his LifeChurch.

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