Black Friday Holiday

Black Friday Holiday

black friday holiday no moreCelebrate the Black Friday Holiday this year in style. There are three critical steps to ensure a good Black Friday Holiday.

  1.  Do not do any shopping at all.

The day after a holiday such as Thanksgiving should not be spent in a frenzy with large crowds buying stuff that you do not need. It appears that the term Black Friday was first used in the Philadelphia area.

If you look at how the term started as being very bleak and gloomy and then think about how it changed to modern day. Many will also say that it is the time when retailers are finally in the black.

My suggestion is to avoid the long lines, poor attitudes, and violence. It will truly make it a Black Friday Holiday.

  1. Watch or attend a sporting event or go hunting

This can be a great time to build a new tradition. Whether you like college or professional sports there generally is something to watch today. The time spent doing this is much more memorable than standing in long lines to save money.

The opportunity to spend time outdoors in God’s creation and possibly to have a breath taking moment is priceless.

  1. Spend time with your family and friends

No matter what you do these are the opportunities to make memories. People generally do not remember the stuff that was purchased for them as much as time spent with a person. Once your time on earth is done will you be glad to have spent time with your loved ones or to have saved money and gone shopping.
Here in the south there used to be laws in the books called Blue Sunday Laws that prohibited a lot of shopping on Sundays. Those days are gone and now it seems that North Carolina treats Sunday almost like any other day.

While my beliefs are that the government should not interfere with our lives I would not support any kind of government response to a Black Friday Holiday. I have kept referring this day as a holiday, which officially it is not. That is ok, we can make it a holiday without government meddling.

Follow the three steps outlined above. If people would stop attending the stores madness than they would stop having them. If no one shows up when Best Buy, Walmart, or Target open there doors than they will revisit opening in the future.

I know that I will not be shopping on Black Friday today or in the future.


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    • Bill,
      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. That “lady” in California needs a lesson in reality. The thought that it is all right to pepper spray anyone for any reason is sickening. It is a sad state of society when this stuff happens. I know here locally they had gunshots at a nearby mall. I am afraid that more things like this will happen. I tended not to listen when I was younger, but I remember my Dad saying “Nothing good ever happens after midnight”. I certainly think he is right that nothing usually happens after midnight that is positive and for me that means no shopping after midnight.