If you are watching the squirrels teach us preparedness!

Squirrels Teach us Preparedness

We have talked about the animals telling us the weather before, but if you are paying attention the squirrels teach us preparedness. There are several things that we can learn from the squirrel if you are willing to listen. Warning as you may have to slow down and enjoy some casual time while observing.

Eastern_Grey_Squirrel_in_St_James's_Park,_London_-_Nov_2006_editThe first lesson in the applied course called the squirrels teach us preparedness is the necessity to prepare for lean times. The Bible covers this in detail and our government warns us to do it. Common sense should also prevail, but for some people this is the first observation. A squirrel knows that if he wants to eat he must away some food for later. He will work himself tired in the Fall stashing nuts and other food in different caches for later enjoyment.

The fact that a squirrel has multiple locations also shows us the importance of having multiple pantries. If you are dependent on one location if you can not get to it or someone compromises you must have another place to go. A squirrel understands that he should have a stored abundance in different caches or else he will go hungry.

The third thing that a squirrel can teach us is to go all out. If you have seen the squirrel flipping bird feeders you will see the squirrels are dedicated. They will go to great lengths to get food and store it. We should understand there are times we need to exhibit the same behavior. I am not advocating raiding the bird feeder, but there is time when a little extra work in the garden or behind the canner will pay dividends later on.

While we are assured that we can not take treasures with us after we leave the squirrels teach us preparedness and these three things are useful for us to observe and implement. We must realize that we should put food away, have multiple locations for our provisions, and be dedicated and go all out when the cupboard is bare to get the nourishment stored up.

What observations have you made the the local wild life has taught you? Sometimes all it takes us id for us to slow down and see what we can learn from new sources.


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