Spring Grilling

Spring Grilling

During those dark chilly days of Winter there is not much outside cooking being done. Now that Spring has come it is time for spring grilling. We have been busy with a wide variety of tasks keeping up with the livestock or tending the garden. There is still plenty of time to grill some food.

Picture of Meat from Spring Grilling You can see in the picture above that some beef has been coming off of the grill. We made the switch several years ago back to charcoal and wood chips. It imparts a unique flavor that we do not feel like a gas grill can do. I am not a grill master by any means, however spring grilling is something I enjoy. I was proud of how this one came out.

The special part of spring grilling is that you also have fresh vegetables to put on the plate. We are fortunate to have a local farmer that keeps us stocked with goodies. You can smell the fresh earth on the new potatoes and there are so many different ways to prepare them. Beside the fresh vegetables and meat that are harbinger of Spring there is nothing I enjoy more than Asparagus. That one vegetable has a narrow season and can be expensive.

Picture of a food plated from Spring GrillingI used to love getting them fresh from my parents garden, however it was rare they could spare them. They enjoyed asparagus as much as I do. That is most likely where I got my love of spring grilling and the fresh vegetables that are around.

What are some of your favorite things about Spring’s arrival? Perhaps you look forward to spring grilling or the fresh vegetables. Maybe it is the fresh greenery that is budding out. If you are like us it is a busy and refreshing time as soon as Spring arrives.

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