Meet Your Farmer

Meet Your Farmer

StrawberryUpClose One of the most crucial things is knowing your neighbors and very high on of the first too meet is your farmer. They not only can provide you with a lot of sage advice, but provide you many nourishing meals. We are blessed to have a wonderful farmer and there innovative Market Box program. We have talked about it many times before about local food. This has been hitting home lately as the day dreams of Spring have gotten longer while buried in snow.

StrawberryBucketThere is nothing like sitting in a blanket of snow and enjoying fresh strawberries. Typically we do not support a lot of out of season produce because of the mileage those types of food travel and the lack of quality control on those foods. Most of those foods I can not know how they were grown or if they were done the correct way. There is a big difference with these strawberries! Thanks to our nearby farmer they have introduced us to the Solar Tunnel grown Strawberries.

It is very satisfying to reach in the refrigerator and grab a dose of Spring. The fresh taste has become a staple for us during the Winter months. The fact that they are less than 100 miles from our house makes it even more bearable. While we have not had the pleasure of visiting the farm they are actually grown at I have no concerns. My farmer has seen the operation and are willing to stand behind them.

local foodThat is enough for us and proves you need to meet your farmer. Not only will it pay off with you getting better food and a great ally it may give you that needed dose to get through the Winters. We just hope they do not run out any time soon as the fresh berries are a great complement to our Strawberry Jam.

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