Sourdough Starter Preps will keep me in the bread

Sourdough Starter

No matter what if I can get the Sourdough Starter up and working I should be able to stay in bread. I like bread and all of it’s mystical properties as I have talked about before.

What if you could not walk or drive to the store and get another packet or jar of yeast? Would you reserve to suffer with hard-tack like in the past. Despite how the name has become synonymous with San Francisco sourdough is most likely the answer.

I have tried to get a starter going before. One of these days I am going to go ahead and order one of Carl’s Oregon Trail starter. What a history and unique tale to pass down to future generations. Until then I am going to get started again.

I am going to use the one from Suzanne over at Chickens in the Road. I have it starting right now. I hope over time I can master it and get the flavor to my bread.

Hopefully one of the best preps you can make for your future bread needs is to learn and master sourdough with a starter.


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