Simple Repairs Save Money

Simple Repairs Save Money

It is shocking to some people that simple repairs save money. For the most part we have lost a lot of general knowledge on how to do things. If we learn how to fix it or replace it ourselves we can save a tremendous amount of money.

Simple repairs saves money tools needed

Tools Needed

In this economy we all need to save money where we can. Chances are there are other areas you can spend the money. It about broke my heart the other day when I was in a Big Box Home Improvement store and realized someone was paying them to re-screen their windows. This is one of the simple tasks that we should be able to do at home.

Simple repairs saves money old screen

Remove old screen and spline

The first step is to remove the screen from the window and remove the old screen. It is usually attached to the frame via spline. I encourage you to replace the spline if it shows any age as it is usually easier.

Simple repairs saves money lay out acreen

Lay out New Screen

The next step is to lay out your new screen and then attach it to the frame with spline and the roller. Be careful to stretch the screen out so there are no wrinkles.

Simple repairs saves money spline

Attaching Spline

Once you are done then you should trim the excess screen and you have successfully put a new screen in your old frame. Now enjoy many bug free nights and the savings by doing it yourself.

Simple repairs saves money Finished Screen

Finished Screen

I am glad that I have learned how to run a new plumbing line with the new equipment rather than waiting until there is a water leak. It can be a rewarding thing.

What other things have you seen people pay for that can easily been done at home? Please add your comments below. We all need to tighten our belts even in the best circumstances. If the worst comes along then repairs need will only go up.

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