What will be your Preppers Drink of choice?

Preppers Drink

Someone reminded me today of a glaring weakness in my plans as I am short on Preppers drink. Man can live on water alone, which we have to have to survive in reality, but for those of us that like a different taste we must be prepared. What will be the go to drink for you?

I have stocked up on my fresh coffee. I know that there would be a time when I would have to switch to something different. I can say I am not ready to enjoy chicory just yet. I still need to get more coffee and investigate alternatives.

I am betting that the daily staple of kool-aid or soft drinks will not be around. This can be a very good thing depending on where you fall on the spectrum. I have made some home made root beer via extract and that has turned out very well. I need to investigate how to make the extract and take it to the next step by bottling the root beer. I know it was done a long time before electricity so I know it can be done primitively. That is a good thing if you have the knowledge.

The last option that I have been thinking about is a replacement for tea. We know from our history that tea has been imported for a long time. While I am not planning on growing tea I do want to have some replacements. I am looking to refine the Pine Needle and Yaupon tea. History tells us that those were both very popular alternatives and tasty as well.

What are your plans for drink alternatives. If you are a big water drinker like I can be one of the best feelings is sitting down with a cold drink. I am pretty certain that if I am ever in a situation like my ancestors than I want to have something tasty as a treat just like years ago.


What will be your Preppers Drink of choice? — 8 Comments

  1. I have coffee, tang, and other powdered drinks stored. I have apple and pear trees with thera s to make juice and can it. I am also starting to grow things such as chamomile and other herbs for teas.

    On the flip side I have all my grandma recipes for wines as well…. That will be interesting!

  2. I am okay with water–I like water; but, with purifying our water, I’ve been warned of the yukky taste.
    My storage has Tang, Instant Tea, Koolaid, Country Time, Fruit Punch.

    • Thanks JayJay! The kids love the Koolaid and Country Time! Either takes up some storage space or needs a supply of sugar for the Kids taste. Important to remember the change in taste of filtered water.

    • Wow that is very interesting! Have you made this at home? I will have to look at more information. Interested in the taste and alcohol content.

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