Seasons Change also mean a difference in the type of work done!

Seasons Change

As the calendar transitions into Fall and the seasons change the type of work being done also changes. No longer is the primary job cutting grass and controlling weeds in the garden. Now is the time to start preparing for the winter time, You need to stock up on firewood, food, and whatever else will get you through the winter. We have been looking and making our lists of what needs to be done around the homestead.

There is always some year end painting that needs to be done to freshen up and protect things before a cold wet winter settles in. It also is the time to move livestock around and make room for the youngsters by moving the old ones out. That has kept us busy as one old flock is making way for a new one. The seasons change also means the young roosters are starting to crow. That is always reminiscent of a young teenage boy and his voice changes.

While you have your lists for the buildings and livestock what are plants telling you as the seasons change. Now is the time to prune any that may need it, apply fresh mulch, and make sure that they are prepared to make it through the winter. It is also the time to prep the ground for any new plantings next year. The Fall garden should be coming into it’s prime.

The other thing that comes into it’s prime during the seasons change is hunting. There is nothing more pleasing than to be out enjoying nature and seeing the behavior of the animals. Oh yeah we are supposed to be hunting the animals. Hopefully you will be able to tag out and put all that meat to good use.

As the tags whittle down we see another transition of seasons change, but now is the time for getting the most out of fall. I hope that you will get the time to enjoy it while still doing all that is on your list.

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