How far have we drifted from the Founders Intent?

Founders Intent

I often wonder if people realize how far we have drifted from the Founders Intent. A large majority of people can not tell you when the Constitution was officially ratified or when the last state ratified. In what might the saddest fact is how many people under 40 that might not be able to tell you how many original colonies there were much less name them all.

If we have such a little grasp on the number of colonies do the expectations to honor the founders intent really stand a chance? One thing that is often talked about is gun control. The founders intent could not be more clear in this regard than to ensure armed citizens would always be in place. They knew the best security for liberty is the armed citizens to cut the head off the snake if needed.

Gadsden_flag Liberty versus TyrannyThere is a time when the snake needs to reach out and strike. We have been taken advantage of for too long. The founders intent never meant to have a standing tax like we do now. The fact that withholding only came about in 1913 shows that. If you want to see reform then stop withholding taxes and make the citizens pay one check on tax day. There are many that see this reality, but few truly participate in this line of reasoning.

The last thing I know was not part of the thinking in the founders intent was the scope and size of the Federal government. It is way past time to cut the pig off from the trough. We can no longer afford the programs and size that our Federal government. Do not give any lip about outstanding obligations as I am certain any military retiree over the last 20 years can testify to the government changing their promises. We must cut big and hard, but the original intent was to have strong states and a loose collection of states for defense.

The original founders intent has drifted mightily. Thanks to such a stellar education system many graduates could not tell you how many original colonies there were. Most people would be amazed at how hard it is for people to name the first president. If you do not know and learn from history you are deemed to repeat it. It is time to get back to the Founders intent.

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