Seal of God by Chad Williams

Seal of God

Today I get too talk about a great book and even better story in Seal of God by Chad Williams! This story captivated me and I had a hard time putting it down. I admire the men that have the dedication to become a Navy Seal. I had the pleasure of knowing several Seal’s personally and one in particular whose dedication and sacrifice proved that they are a different breed altogether.

In this story Chad Williams tells a story about a rebellious youth and he had several pinnacles in his life that a lot of normal people will never reach. After being very thorough in detailing what it takes to be a Seal and the fact that few make it you should think that a person would be elated. For the third time in Chad Williams life he reached a pinnacle and he was still not fulfilled.

This is a gripping story about what was missing in his life. Once Mr. Williams realized that he needed God in his life his entire outlook changed. No longer was he living for himself. That makes it hard to be a Navy Seal. His story shows the persecution that one can have after deciding to follow Christ Jesus.

If you are looking for a riveting book that details the high and lows of one’s life and how God fulfills all then I would encourage you to pick up Seal of God by Chris Williams! This book has a fast pace and will give you a peak into the operations of one of America’s elite units and the sacrifices that one must make to follow God’s plan.

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