Avoiding the Black Friday mess and working on Backup Heat!

Backup Heat

As usual I will not be participating in the consumer driven Black Friday fiasco as I talked about last year, but instead will be working on backup heat.This is another area that I am thankful for. It had bothered me that we were dependent on one source for heat. If something happened to it you would be cold.

Since I do not like being cold and my boycott involves no shopping then I need to find something else to work on. This year my post Thanksgiving plans are to work on some backup heat. We are thankful that we have two sources of heat now and this work will help in the effort. I do not want to go into much detail other than to say it involves solar and a way to save money.

We are blessed with more than we deserve, but we still need to save money and this backup heat plan will help us do that. This week is such a great time to take stock of what you have and remember how blessed we truly are. There are so many things that could be worse, but given this time of the year we are thankful for what we have.

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