Do you qualify as a rifleman or cook?

Rifleman or Cook?

If the shtf today would you be a rifleman or cook? Almost 99.9% of us will need to practice and train if you will qualify as a rifleman. This nation was founded by a collection of riflemen that risked it all. The Founding Fathers were very clear in all aspects of armed citizens being the foundation of a free society.

Gadsden_flag Liberty versus TyrannyIt is only over the last 100 years that our Federal government has become openly opposed to  armed citizens. There is one organization dedicated to bringing back a nation of riflemen. Project Appleseed is committed to training people in the fundamentals of marksmanship. They deliver an economic way to learn the fundamentals and ensure that you understand the historical significance.

Liberty Training RifleThis country benefited from men standing up and sacrificing to guarantee our freedom. That comes up with a price and responsibility that we may be called upon to pay. Don’t we owe it to those Patriots and the ones that followed them to make sure we are ready. The best defense against a tyrannical government, whether foreign or domestic, is a nation of riflemen.

Appleseed_blogThe King of Britain learned it, the Founding Father’s knew it, and the Japanese were afraid of it. Do you have what it takes to learn and apply the concepts. The folks at Project Appleseed want to train as many riflemen as possible. The question is our you destined to be a rifleman or cook? I encourage you to find the closest one today and get started.


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