If they lie enough will you believe the hype?

Believe the Hype

There are many that get caught in the fantasy but does anyone really believe the hype that currently is going on? We are weeks away from an election that will not change anything. If you want to see the future of the United States then look to Europe as it disintegrates. We need strong leaders to stand up, but they would rather blame someone else and continue the scam.

I really have become disenfranchised with any political party. I firmly believe that barring God’s providence the only hope left besides God is strong states, oathkeeepers, and a nation of riflemen. It is not shocking to me that Democratic congressman blame Republicans for pushing a “Tea Party” agenda of no new taxes instead of compromise. When the pig is too fat and about to die you have to reduce the feed and not increase it.

Gadsden_flag Liberty versus TyrannyThe lack of any real substance to the MSM really hit home when I read this bit about the 28 Good Questions That The Mainstream Media Should Be Asking. They have really hit a home run on a lot of these questions. It truly is amazing that we can discuss anything about the economy and not discuss the Federal Reserve or the fleecing of America also known as the Withholding Act implemented in 1913. There are drastic measures needed to right the ship and while Mitt Romney may be better than Barack Obama it may be too late. Will you believe the hype or get ready?

If you are questioning the picture painted by the MSM by actually shopping in a grocery stores for food, or trying to look for work, or even wondering how 2 refineries being down in California can spike gas prices then you need to get prepared. It is time too lay in a deep larder and prepare for power outages or storms. The more you are prepared the better off you can be. Who knows in time you may enjoy spending nights be the glow of old lighting.


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