Remember NATO

Remember NATO

As some people like to joke that anything related to the Cold War is like jumping back to the 1980’s, however does anyone remember NATO. For those that are not familiar with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization also known as NATO. The agreement to start NATO was signed April 4, 1949 and while NATO stood up the the Bear many people forget that it remains in effect.

Remember NATOGiven the recent events in the Ukraine we should make it clear that we stand with NATO. An attack on one member brings the rest into the fray. This is vital many people need to remember NATO. There is some concern from some of our newer members that joined in 2004 such as Estonia, Bulgaria, and Romania that if something happened we may not be a reliable partner.

This is an understandable stance as those countries were decimated by the Soviet Union and many people were brain washed to believe Communism was a way to a good life. Fortunately the Socialist tide was turned and they now enjoy many of the same freedoms that we have here in America. Let it be known that we remember NATO and stand with all countries.

I wonder when we may see a statesman that will make that claim. I am sick of tucking our tail and being the World’s Wimp. We should be very hesitant to make ware anywhere, however remember NATO and make it absolute that an attack on one member is an attack on all. That is what is needed to confront the same old bully.


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