Public Housing

Public Housing

Yet another shining example of why Washington does not need to be involved in any large program. The Washing Post reports that a family making almost $500,000 a year in income is still living in public housing. This is a glaring example of what is wrong.

There should be no debate in this case. If you live in public housing and you exceed the income levels you have to move out. That there is a debate is silly. What is even worse is that the family that makes that much lives in New York and pays $1,574 a month for a three bedroom apartment.

Public Housing Numbers

(HUD Office of Inspector General)

The public tax payer makes up the difference. Someone is getting a great deal and congratulations to them for making the money. The problem comes when they take public assistance. Also leaves a spot filled while there is a reported 302,079 families that are waiting on the list to move into public housing.

Public housing is yet another shining example that a large Central government is too large to manage such programs. If you actually had some control and common sense a computer program could be written to automate this whole process. Instead the Washington way is for public housing to continue to increase and spend billions to write software to manage the issues.

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