Primetime Food Prepping if you got a local food source!

Primetime Food Prepping

This time of the year is primetime food prepping once you got a connection for a local food source. This is a great time to break out the canner and put some extra food up for those lean times later. Now depending on what type of food you are putting up will determine whether you are pressure canning or water bath canning.

all american canner canning collardsIf you are pressure canning then I would recommend the All American Canner. As we have talked about before it is made in the USA and is solid. It also does not need a replacement gasket, which speaks to the longevity, that can cause leaks if cracked. The ability to put up meat and vegetables that are low in acid is a huge benefit.

The art of pressure canning allows many more foods to be stored for use later on. By putting up food now it can make your life easier later. During the time of primetime food prepping it will amaze you as to how much you can store. Generally you are limited by the supply of raw materials and canning supplies. One other limiting factor can be the time to do it.

Canning Ground Beef filling jarsWhile water bath canning does not cut a lot of time out of the canning process this is the primetime food prepping for water bath canning. There are so many vegetables and fruits that can be done by water bath canning. It is very easy to get started in water bath canning as it generally needs a large enough pot to hold jars and contain enough water to cover by a couple of inches.

Many stores will sell a basic kit that can get you started in water bath canning for under $30. If you like the taste of fresh vegetables then you will be amazed when you can fresh vegetables and then pull them out 6 months to a year later.

home canning for canning collardsThis reminder about the primetime food prepping and the benefits of canning is only a primer for a beginner. I think one of the best new resources out there for a new canner would be Patricia over at Rural Revolution. For a small amount you can get the beginner questions answered and be rock and rolling during the primetime food prepping period.



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