Prepping Time Activation can come when you last expect it!

Prepping Time Activation

Tropical Storm Debby shows Prepping Time Activation can come at any time. Typically most people are very worried about wind damage and storm surge. Having dealt with Hurricanes in the past you should also be worried about rain that we have talked about before.

diasaster planning katrinaThe rain from Tropical Storm Debby will most likely dump over 20 inches of rain before it finally leaves the state of Florida. This was a textbook example that Prepping Time Activation has to be ready and complete. Most people that even paid this Tropical Storm a passing glance expected it to drift west towards Texas. Instead it moved towards the east and dumped rain over Florida.

This is one of the reasons your Bug Out Bag (BOB) needs to be packed and following the Boy Scout Motto of Be Prepared. We must always be in the state of the USCG acknowledged by their motto Sempur Paratus. It is rough but as recent weather indicates you never know the time or place. That is also what the Bible tells us as well. No man knows the time, but we know that Jesus is coming back.

prepping time activationAre you ready if all of a sudden you got 12 inches of rain and the water is coming in your house. Could you be out of your house and to a place of safety in 1 hour? What about if a forest fire was coming directly at you? These are just examples of what has happened in the last week right here in the United States. What are your plans for grabbing your BOB and getting out. Do you have a route picked out? Do you have a back up for that route as the first or second may need to be altered?

These are all the things that must be considered for Prepping Time Activation. If you are not ready you are apt to be rushed and forgetting a lot of things that you will not need and wishing you had some stuff that you forgot. Take an example from people fleeing forest fires or rain!


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