Pay attention to where the Prepper Technology is Centered

Prepper Technology

The Prepper Technology will amaze you if you sit down and think about it. The popularity is up and the marketers are capitalizing on it. How do I know this? There are many reports of Wal-mart selling #10 cans of emergency food. While that is great if people have something it will cause you to think on where it is headed.

Old RadioSince the days that Marconi, who many believe was not the original inventor, invented the radio it has held a special place in the hearts of Americans. People used to gather around the old radio and spend the evening learning about current events or being entertained. The technology has changed, but as we have talked about before there is still a fundamental segment that understands the value of preparedness. 

No matter where you fall in the belief that what may happen there is a reason to at least think about the prepper technology. The ham radio manufacturers are the only ones that I know that still manufacturer the majority of there products for alternative power use. Obviously there are special segments that sell their gear for solar use or other alternatives. That segment will grow as we have talked about before. It is a matter of time before we all have some sort of solar lights. However when looking at ham radios they all have the capability of being run off of dc current.

This is an example of the lead that you should look at for prepper technology. There is no reason to be prepare if you are expecting the power systems to be up and functional when that times comes. The traditional methods and newest technology will be susceptible to interruption and can not be counted on. When choosing the technology and things to stock up on you need to choose with the prepper technology first and foremost.

If you take the lessons from the ham radio enthusiasts you will have a plan for when those systems fail. As hams like to say they are the backup communications when all else fails.


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