Plan now to get ahead of the price increase!

Plan Now

I was talking with a good friend and he reminded me of a great point about we should plan now so that when the price goes up we do not have to suffer. This was in relation to the power bill, but can be used for many things. We know the odds are that ten years from now the prices of electricity will be quite a bit higher or non-existent. This ties in with the reality that raw material will go up and the cost of doing business will go up. We will also most likely think that we need more power as well.

If you do not think that your power bill will go up then go talk to your Parents, grand parents, or even think about what your great grandparents would have thought about $100 -$200 a month power bills. I know we saved money growing up here in North Carolina by living without the air conditioner. I can guarantee you that your ancestors would have done the same before paying that bill. There will be some changes made if that bill goes up by 50%.

It is possible that within 10 years you could be paying $200 -400 per month and I know there are many out there already paying $450 during the summer here. What can you do to reduce the amount to the utility company. This friend quickly ruled out wind power and that realistically leaves him with solar or hydro.

The goal may not be to make a 100% reduction, but what can you do over the next 5 years to reduce the amount. If you could reduce the bill by 50% would it have value. If you think that there will be no electricity at all within 10 years than perhaps your investment now will pay bigger dividends. How can you plan now to save money and preserve some lifestyle then? Please leave a comment and tell us your plans.


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