Another reason to avoid cruise ships!

Avoid Cruise Ships

Despite the fun and extravagance that are promised here comes another good reason to avoid cruise ships. We heard about the conditions on the Carnival Triumph and could do nothing but shake our heads. Why would we voluntarily pick a vacation spot that holds over 4,000 thousand people in a confined area. We prefer to vacation in places that have less than that in 10 miles.

The vacation industry will point out that the cruise ships are safe and a great vacation despite what is becoming almost a yearly occurrence of some problem. I am certain that it is rare, but how do you think this one will go down for those that trapped on that ship. I would dare say that almost no one was prepared for what they are living in.

In highlights a couple of salient points. Never let your guard down even on vacation to be caught totally unprepared. Another thing is to make sure that you have alternative escape routes. Putting yourself on an isolated ship prohibits a successful extract so you need to be doubly prepared.

The last thing to consider in any preparations is how quickly the conditions can deteriorate. These people that signed up for a vacation are now seeing exactly how quickly a polite society can fall into a chasm. Don’t get me wrong and think the people on the cruise ship are wrong. They are just caught in a bad situation and highlight what can happen.

These bad situations along with the cramming of people on too a confined place add another reason to avoid cruise ships. How many more people do you think were added to the avoid cruise ships roll this week? Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know.

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