Pirate Bear

Pirate Bear

There are great representatives in New Bern that are now deployed throughout the city. You know it would not take long for the Pirate Bear to make an appearance. Many cities have adopted animals or at animals that have been identified with the cities. The first one I can remember is Atlanta with their fiberglass cows that businesses paid for and artists decorated. It made a memorable visit for many to see the cows.

Other cities have seen the benefit and as a family traveling we try to find the one that we like and take a picture. It usually revolves around Pirates. What can I say other than real Pirates used to ply the coastal waters of North Carolina. There also isĀ  large contingent across the state that support the East Carolina University Pirates.

the pirate bear by himself You can see in the picture that while in New Bern we managed to find the Pirate Bear. The kids loved seeing it an taking a picture with it. It is fun to see the children grow up and still have fun taking pictures.

the pirate bear with some crewThe beautiful thing about New Bern is that in the modern day it is a gorgeous city at the confluence of two rivers. I am certain it was not as pleasant when John Lawson was surveying it back when the Tuscarora Indians lived there. The simplest reason is the lack of mosquito control.

water front in search of pirate bearI am sure that will leave you with a fitting picture of a blend of the 18th century transportation and the 21st century. No matter how much it changes hearing the soothing water and the vistas displayed it is worth the trip. We wish you well in your search for the pirate bear!

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