Perhaps Grandma’s Bank offered more control

Grandma’s Bank offered more Control

The amazement for me over the audacity of the European governments continues and makes me ponder if Grandma’s Bank offered more control. You see Grandma at one time did all her banking between the box springs and the mattress in her bedroom. There are many concerns with that type of arrangement, but then I see articles about the possibility of a bank run happening here. They announced that there would be a Bank Holiday and then a tax on deposits in Cyprus.

That is so nice of the European power figures deciding that the citizens of Cyprus would have to pay as much as 9.9% for the privilege of having access to their deposits. Given the insanity of the plan any future occurrences will be announced after the tax is taken in the instance of security and stability I am sure as the bank run is expected.

It leads us to a great point. Any one here in the United States is appalled at the paltry amount of money one earns on deposits now that we have a perpetual 0% interest rate for banks. Now to consider that the government would be slimy enough to take the money directly is concern. It should not be a shock to anyone.

Your grandparents who lived during the Depression knew they could not trust the banks or the government. The money was kept safe at home where they had full control. I tend to agree with that any more. I just wish I had extra to save as it keeps getting stolen. Oops that is not quite true as they keep telling me it is a tax and it is for the greater good.

I will try to remember the greater good the next time I am behind the person eating high on the hog from the Food Stamps program. I got news for folks that would shock some people. Rice and beans are good for you and cheap. You can put back the 10 boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix and the accompanying Frosting as my taxes do not need to buy that for you.

The amazing thing is that taxes keep going up, but they spend faster then they can raise taxes. Despite what they think it is not a bottomless pit. Sooner or later enough people will stop shoveling and the sides will cave in. Excuse me I need to make sure the box springs don’t have a hole as Grandma’s Bank offered more control during her day and mine as well.


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