NC taxes are killing the Old North State

NC Taxes

The NC taxes are killing the Old North State. The thought that North Carolina is part of the lower taxed South has long since gone.

NC taxes 750px-Flag_of_North_Carolina.svgFor many years I have felt that we have lost the distinction of being in the South in regards to taxes. When many people think of taxes in relation to the South they think lower taxes. Due to NC taxes no longer can we be accused of that.

Personally I think it has to do with the Democratic controlled government for the last 100+ years. They regularly featured a spend more philosophy. Luckily the chance to correct that came when the Republicans took charge. I think Senator Phil Berger will do what is best for North Carolina. I think if we keep them in the majority and send him help like Glen Bradley then North Carolina can start correcting the issues at hand.

I know if you are one of my faithful 3 readers and you have read this far you are groaning that it is another politics story 2 days in a row. I promise it will not be a third. However I was reading an article about how NC is spending $50,000 per job to relocate The Chiquita headquarters.

Let us be honest for a second and admit there is an opportunity cost not calculated in gaining the headquarters, but it still smells like an overripe banana to me.

The $20 million dollars are allocated from other people or giving Chiquita an unfair advantage. I do not advocate taking any money from taxpayers or causing them undue pain in infrastructure in lieu of a corporation. It is an unfair advantage and I do not like the government messing in the free market.

NC taxes 600px-Seal_of_North_Carolina.svgWhere on the great seal do you see the government advocating one fruit seller over another? You will not see it but it happens all the time with incentives.

Tax incentives are a race to the bottom. As politicians get more desperate they get larger. States keep giving them more and more at the expense of taxpayers and small businesses.

I say the right way to do it is to become the best environment for a business and consumer you can be. If you have low taxes for the consumer and businesses then the masses will come. NC taxes are slowly killing North Carolina.

People will tell you that NC is growing and I do not know what I am talking about. I am thinking that people have not gotten the message. NC taxes are high considering neighboring states. It is a matter of time before something changes.

Hopefully the Republicans can fix the situation or else NC taxes will force an exodus of people going GALT.



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