More Takers than Makers!

More Takers Than Makers

There will be a lot of press today about several things, but despite all the noise remember there are more takers than makers! This is using the government numbers that show 108,592,000 Americans in the 4th quarter of 2011 receiving Federal means tested benefits versus 101,716,000 Americans working full-time.

means-tested-benefitsNow the official population of the United States is 308,745,531 as of 2010. Those figures above only account for 210,308,000 people so we will forget about those 98,437,531 unaccounted people as they only enlarge the gap. Using the official numbers for every 1 full time working person they need to support 1.067 people that are getting Federal benefits.

This does not bode well and we will be swarmed about the decrease in food stamp benefits. What they will not like telling people is that the benefits are going back to the levels before the temporary increase as an economic stimulus. As usual I have an opinion on that and feel empathy for anyone in that position. The hard working American worker needs a break.

I already have enough in my Family that I am taking care of. I do not need any more taken away for others without my choice or control. You should not be able to legislate charity and that is what they are trying to do. It is simply unsustainable to have more takers than makers.

We all need to prepare. If you raise more of your own food and produce more and consume less then you will benefit in numerous ways. You would generally be a healthier person as it is hard work. The other benefit is that you would be participating less in the government sponsored manipulations and monopolies. It is past time to end the dairy subsidies and let the American entrepreneur get to work bringing the cost of dairy down.

Removing the barriers to entry will benefit many of us and allow for lower prices and a more prepared citizens. That seems contrary to more takers than makers. Oh well I guess I will get to reviewing the success and failures of my homestead in the corner then.

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