Marvin Jarman is a legend!

Sometimes I get caught up in too much negative news! It was refreshing to read an article about Marvin Jarman. He truly is an inspiration to everyone he meets. You will be a better person by reading about him.

It is truly an uplifting article about the man, the myth, the legend. He has reached countless lives and everyone that comes in contact with Marvin Jarman is better off than they were before. You may not realize it, however he truly leads a blessed life. Coach Marvin Jarman is willing to give anyone some gum. He never has a cross word for anyone.

He is an even keel through bad and good times. There is almost another given when you see Marvin Jarman. You are almost guaranteed to encounter Coach Ronald Vincent. RV as he is known by thousands has the most wins in high school baseball in North Carolina. His impact is huge on the teams at J.H Rose High School. His bigger impact is at the Little League fields in Greenville.

There is no coincidence that these two are seemingly always together. If you could pick two people that have inspired thousands and bring forth each others gifts to the forefront these would be the two you highlight. While an encounter with Marvin or RV is a reward in it’s own right time spent with both of them is a true blessing. I know I have benefited from meeting Coach Marvin Jarman and Coach Ronald Vincent.

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