Make sure you give thanks for light!

Thanks for Light

During this week where we are thankful let us not forget to give thanks for light. I think many people take comfort in walking in a room and flipping a switch and there being light. In a time not so long ago that was not an option. Man has been trying to capture that since they first discovered the glow put off by a fire.

I am thankful for the different options we have in lighting. Obviously we have the incandescent, CFL, and LED that are common in households these days. We also have flashlights, oil lamps, candles, and if push came to shove we will throw a wick in the Crisco can.

Kirkman Little Giant #350 showing LightSince my long term plans do not include Crisco light we need to learn to readjust. There have been a few times in my life when I mimicked the natural light patterns. I could follow along with the chickens during the summer. In the winter I really need to have the lights.

There is a reason that we give thanks to lights. It allows us to get things done in the Winter, whether that is good or bad, and let us extend our day. I hope during this week you pause long enough to give thanks to lights.

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