Kicking off a week of thanks with two of my favorite things out of the kitchen!

Week of Thanks

It is that time of the year here in the Old North State that we are kicking off with a week of thanks! There are so many blessings that we have and enjoy throughout the year. I figured that I would share two of the things from the kitchen that cause me to give thanks for the bounty and the knowledge gained.

week of thanks coffee roastingThe first thing that I am so thankful for is my home roasted coffee that I have talked about before. I started the process of home roasting to save money and also to enjoy a better cup of coffee. This process is fairly quick and allows me to store bulk green beans that do not deteriorate. When I am ready for some coffee then I can roast some more beans.

week of thanks roasted coffee This allows me to have the freshest possible coffee and I am able save money doing it. What a blessing to have improved quality and a lower cost. It is truly something to be reminded of during my week of thanks. I will make sure that I savor the coffee as I am drinking a fresh cup this week.

week of thanks bread  risingWhile I am drinking a fresh cup of coffee I can also enjoy a fresh piece of toast. My children love when they get a fresh loaf of bread as the taste can not be rivaled by what you can purchase in the store. Given the recent shutdown of Merita and Hostess it certainly can still be on the table. What a blessing to know what is in the loaf of bread when it is home made.

When I make a loaf of bread I generally substitute some local honey in for the sugar as that helps preserve the bread. Even with those additions it will not last a week. You have to wonder exactly what is in the loaf of Merita or Wonder bread that makes it last 3 weeks on the shelf. It is truly thankful that my children realize a fresh loaf of home made bread sits a top of the bread pyramid.

week of thanks bread  risingIt has rightfully claimed the top spot even though no two loaves are the same. I treasure both fresh coffee and bread every time, but this week of thanks make them extra special. How about you what are you thankful for this week?


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