Three Big Reasons to build a Large Pantry!

Large Pantry

Your ability to build a large pantry may very well save your life one day. If not there are three reasons why you have a large pantry anyway. I have no doubt that difficult times are ahead. I just do not see a peaceful way out of the mess we are in.

The United States has been living mortgaging the future for close to 80 years. That bill will come do sooner or later. I think it is interesting that the Automakers that pioneered the Just in Tim Inventory system are starting to see the downsides. With troubles or natural disasters it can have long reaching implications.

Even if everything goes well and no natural disasters affect you I think there are reasons for having a large pantry! I know for my family it is an important thing and what we strive for even though we are not there yet.

  1. Saving Money by buying cheaper

It is certainly true you can save money by buying in bulk. You can save the extra for use later on. Another added benefit that I have mentioned before is buying ahead of known price increases.

  1. Food during troubled times

I certainly hope that no one goes through trouble or suffers from a natural disaster. My Bible tells me that I will have trials and obviously each person will there own unique ones. It could be as simple as losing a job or even spending too much money in the month. If you have a large pantry you are ensured that you will not get hungry.

  1. Food that meets your mood

Despite all the warnings and hints we all tend to need comfort food once in a while. Have you ever heard the saying do not go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. There is a huge upswing with a large pantry because you can quickly grab something you are craving without going to the store.

I hope this encourages you to start building a large pantry if you have not already. Even if everything goes perfectly you can save money, stay full during lean times, and enjoy food that you want during cravings.