Pay attention as the animals tell us the weather!

If you did not see the weather forecast every day could animals tell us the weather? I was reading a great post about this over at Survivor Jane’s site. I think it is a great tie in to the topic we talked about yesterday.

If you are tuned into the weather and recording the information then hopefully you will also be paying attention to the animals. I got a great tip that two doves cooing means rain by morning. I believe it may have originated from the Pueblo Indians who believed a Dove could coax the rain from the sky with their cooing.

I think it is important to note that when a Hurricane blows in you never see the birds as they have already left or battened down. This has clued me in on a couple of occasions that a storm was approaching.

Approaching storms and freaky weather seem to trip some kind of trigger in animals. I think we can get back to that if we get more in tune with our surroundings and spend more time in God’s creation rather than cooped up in a building.

I know I plan on spending more time near the animals watching them for signs. How about you?



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