Lamp Lighting the Old Fasioned Way

Lamp Lighting

There have been changes in lamp lighting throughout the years. Lamp lighting probably started out with a flaming stick. It standardized on oil/kerosene and then the incandescent light bulb was invented. That lasted for over 100 years and now it is time for the Compact Fluorescent (CFL) and Light Emitting Diode (LED).

Lamp Lighting LED

LED Light Bulb

No matter what you choose for lamp lighting the fact is that it must be a low energy user. The incandescent light bulb has fallen out of favor for being too high of a user of electricity. One reason that it has been so successful is that it imitated a flickering flame so well.

Lamp Lighting Kerosene Lamp

Kerosene Lamp

The incandescent did not flicker like a flame save a few models but it captured a similar light spectrum. That has been one problem with newer technologies. They do not seem to capture the warm light that humans seek out. It just so happens that the warm light is what we see in a fire.

These things work great when we have power and it is important to be prepared for the loss of power as I talked about the other day. We need to make sure that no matter what we have a backup lighting plan. Enter the old standby the old kerosene lamp. It has been time tested to get us through the dark.

While we look toward the future I believe we will see a need for all the lighting choices. I think the Incandescent still has a future like in a brooder box for chickens where warmth and light is needed. I think halogen can be utilized where you need a lot of light. I see the future use of CFL’s as for the easy replacement in places. Gotta say I hate the warm up time, bad lifespan, and weird colors.

Lamp Lighting CFL

CFL Light Bulb

I think the true future of lighting will be the LED. I think it has a huge upside as it can be utilized in many different colors, virtually lasts a lifetime, and uses almost no energy. I think further research will get us the necessary lumens needed and I am sure the heat dissipation will continue to improve.

My plans are to have plenty of kerosene lamps and the LEDs that utilize battery and solar for lighting in the future.


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