Thankful for Knowing how to Read

Knowing how to Read

Growing up I always had a passion for reading and this week I am thankful for my children knowing how to read. There is no limit on what they can accomplish or where they can go. Reading and comprehension are fundamental building blocks, however many people never get to practice that or enjoy it.

Not only will it help you in life it can help you escape or take that long dreamed about vacation. Perhaps you are tucked in somewhere for this Thanksgiving where it is cold and snowy. You can escape into a book about the Caribbean and feel the warmth of the sun. It would be a tragedy if those options were not available.

Somehow we have lost the art of teaching reading and comprehension. People used to learn how to read by practicing with the Bible. Now that literacy rates are lower and people do not know how read effectively they struggle. It is a shame that we have gotten to that point.

I am thankful for my children knowing how to read and that they enjoy it. It will take them to high levels and let them travel around the world. That is a great thing!

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