Keeping it safe with Security Landscaping

Security Landscaping

Rosa_virginiana Security LandscapingHave you ever given any thought to security landscaping? This builds on the privacy fences we talked about before. The average American household can plant some things to discourage criminals now and during a period of lawlessness.

Typically what you choose is going to depend on where your homestead is located. If you are in a neighborhood that will be different than on acreage. For those in subdivisions you want to keep your landscaping lower than your windows. A suggested recommendation is no more than 3 foot high. This will not allow concealment behind the bushes.Devils Walkingstick Security LandscapingIt is also suggested that you plant some thorny bushes underneath the windows to prevent an entry from the outside. Keep that in mind if you choose that option for escaping out the window in an emergency.

One thing that will help you with security and privacy is an impregnable hedge. These are best used at a distance from the house to ensure a clear field of fire. They can offer concealment to predators so you need to make sure their is adequate defense opportunities if they are broached.Poncirus_trifoliata security landscapingOne thing to ensure that people are not trying to broach your hedges is to make it appear natural. If your homestead is remote and you have enough acreage you can make it a hedge that appears to be naturally grown and the law of humans would steer them around it versus through it.

Some good plants on the east coast for security landscaping would be Trifoliate Orange(Poncirus trifoliata), Devil’s Walkingstick(Aralia spinosa), Virginia Rose(Rosa virginiana), Washington Hawthorn(Crataegus phaenopyrum),or Voodoo(Rosa Rosaceae). These are just a few that will help you plan a natural hedge.

Hopefully this gives you some thoughts on how to get started. There is a lot to consider and plan. I welcome any thoughts you have to improve the plan. If you like what you are reading than please subscribe to our newsletter.