Home Canning-3 main reasons we started home canning

Home Canning

home canning for canning collardsThree reasons we started home canning. I was reading the other day and saw this article on yahoo about Soaring BPA Levels Found in People Who Eat Canned Foods. It reminded me again of the reason to be home canning.

  1. We control what is going into our food

When you start with simple ingredients you are in control of what is added or left out. Worried about too much sodium than do not add much. Are you worried about what the preservatives are doing to your body? Use the ones that are natural.

The enormous time that a loaf of store bought bread stays fresh from preservatives led me to discover home made bread, which I talked about in the bread story. The food supply has a very beneficial reason to be filled with preservatives as it ships longer and stores longer. That means more money to the Corporations. Unfortunately I believe it has also led to lower quality and blander taste.

Home Canning with soupWe are home canning with good tasting fresh food so we can ensure future meals that the food content is known and will not hurt us.

  1. It is cheaper

Many people plan for a garden and are told that they will not be able to give away the extras. Well we have a perfect plan for any extras from our garden and friends. We are home canning it. Can it get any fresher or cheaper than walking outside and getting the vegetables or meat.?

I will concede that there is the cost of home canning equipment, garden materials, feed for animals, and the labor cost. Some of those are one time costs and you also can not put a price on the life benefits of gardening and owning animals.

  1. A throwback to the traditions of our ancestors.

Our ancestors needed a way to extend the harvest and it had to be without power as there was no electricity. By utilizing home canning they were able to survive another year. It was a survival issue for many families.

There are other ways besides home canning, but there is also a pride factor when you see a pantry or root cellar full of your efforts. It is also very neat to know you are doing it the way that your ancestors did.


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