Guns are tools and should be used that way

Guns Are Tools

The sad fact in this country is that we spend a tremendous amount of time trying to ban firearms and in reality guns are tools and should be handled that way. Would you really respect your plumber if he showed up without a pipe wrench? How about the surgeon that no longer wants to hold a scalpel? Can you even imagine an accountant without their calculator of accounting software! Then why do we limit the other professions.

Picture of the 1911 service pistolI was reading an article where the Marine Corps Commandant believes it may be time to rearm Officers and Staff NCOs. Do we even have to stop and think how stupid this sounds? We owe it to the first President Bush for ever taking them off their hips. Think back to any World War II movie and can you imagine an officer or grizzled NCO without a sidearm? Heck no as guns are tools and in the military profession they are the tools of the trade.

It is time for the United States to see one of those surgeons as we have a critical problem. I apologize in advance for the crudeness, but somewhere over the last 30 years someone has severed our testicles! Can we get them back and start equipping our soldiers with the tools they need for their profession.

originalThe amazement continues as people are getting their panties in a wad because the Duke University Basketball team is pictured with weapons. Folks guns are tools and the tools in the picture above are used in a simulator for the United States Military Academy. Instead of being concerned with the image it creates perhaps we should be worried about how good the training is for the boys training to so fight! They will be the ones defending our Freedom wherever they may be deployed.

I just do not understand it. We need to stop being little girls and understand that guns are tools. Nothing more and nothing less. They can be used for bad things just like an automobile, fertilizer, and a pipe wrench. The person doing the handling is the one that uses it for nefarious purposes.


Guns are tools and should be used that way — 2 Comments

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