Governments need to follow the KISS principle

KISS Principle

The reality is obviously not the same as my perception but they keep coming from all angles and the governments need to follow the KISS principle. For those that may not know what it is please allow me to explain. Keep It Simple Stupid. You could even make a case that it is the Americanized version of Occam’s razor.

If we really are trying to keep things simple then we should look no further than how we apply laws and taxes. Infringing upon me or taking a way my right to do something should not be put in place if it does not harm society. If I want to have a 50 round fully automatic weapon than so be it. The point that becomes a problem is if I used that to prevent someone else from doing something. You do not take away everyone’s rights because of a few bad apples. Obviously the idiots in Washington can not see this.

If gun control really worked than the areas that had the strictest laws would be the safest, which is not true. I suggest that they follow the KISS principle. It would not bother me as much if it was just about gun control as that could be dealt with. I also have to deal with the morons that think raw milk is bad and that it is OK to send the milk stormtroopers out to protect us from potential harm.

If I know my farmer and trust said farmer than you better believe I put more faith in him then the government. There is no need for milk subsidies or price controls as we do not have that for other products. Why can we not apply the KISS principle to agriculture. If you remove the barriers and red tape do you not think more people would not take up farming as a career. Turn loose the American entrepreneur on the Agriculture world in a greater scale and a lot of the problems will be solved.

Do I really need a team of lawyers and laws about the viability and productiveness of seeds? Despite that Monsanto et al. are the ones writing the laws and sponsoring the crooks why do seed patents need to rival software patents in insanity. It is nothing more than greed and protecting one persons rights over another. Follow the KISS principle and stop infringing upon the farmer who wants to save some seed and grow his crop. He should not have to protect his crop from the wind and water because a seed company engineered what they think is a better seed.

If we allow the wind of socialism and federalism to further permeate this country and erode the rights for normal everyday citizens than we have lost. The KISS principle should be followed whenever we can. No one needs a Simpson Bowles commission to tell us that the Federal government is busy spending my grand children’s yet to be earned money like it was going out of style. Given that it may 50 years before they earn money can’t we just follow the KISS principle on the budget? I know Dave Ramsey could help them.

It is time for the Federal government to implement their own debt snowball. No matter what stop assaulting my life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness at every turn and let me actually decide something for myself.



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