Radio has always dominated and the future is radio!

Future is Radio

There is no doubt that radio has dominated communication and the future is radio as well. I was reading a good article about guerrilla radio and while the future may dictate that you need to listen to updates quietly it would be a return back to earlier days.

During the Cold War the Voice of America (VOA) beamed programming throughout the world delivering a message of freedom and liberty. While the majority of VOA has been shut down it would be fitting that the country that originated it will find itself in need of someone to save it from the forces of oppression.

Shortwave_Radio as Non tradtional prepper mediaThere are many reasons that some compare modern day America to the eastern bloc during the high point of the Cold War. The so called 4th estate also known as the MSM is struggling with how to perform their mission and make a profit doing it. It takes deep resources to develop some of the stories that make the biggest difference. They are either unwillingly or uncommitted to do that the majority of the time now.

That leaves us to ourselves to realize the true way of the world. You may be surprised at the dismay and hatred that is prevalent around the world if you have been listening to the MSM. The future is radio and will always be as the radio waves do not recognize borders.

The ability to penetrate borders will ensure that the radio is the way to disseminate information in countries that crack down. Even now the radio waves handle the traffic in the form of cellular phones and radio. The future is radio and that means their will be a mechanism to broadcast a message of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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