Feeding the Bees

We have talked about the honey bees and how they will help pollination in the future. The bees are still doing well and continue to build their hive strength. One way we accomplish that is by feeding the bees. There are two main reasons that we are feeding the bees.

picture of a boardman feederThe picture above is a Boardman Feeder delivering a 1:1 syrup for the bees. Many apiarists will caution you on using a Boardman feeder. Let’s focus on the reason for feeding the bees today. The main reason is that we want our bees to have a steady flow of syrup to draw comb. Feeding them 1 part sugar and 1 part water helps them to do this. Our packages are now at a point where new bees are hatching out after being laid here on the homestead.

capped brood on a frameYou can see the in the picture above the pollen is being stored near the capped brood. That is the place the hive needs it to be. You can see a little capped honey, which is really capped syrup, around the edges. The primary reason for feeding the bees is to get them to draw comb.

The bees the emerge from the capped brood will help with the building wax comb on the frames. That is why we are still feeding the bees. The other main reason is to stimulate the queen to continue laying eggs.

What better way to build the strength of the hive then keep her laying eggs and raising new brood. They will get stronger and be able to put up more resources for the winter. That is main two reasons we are still feeding the bees. There are many differing opinions, however for now we are happy with the progress.


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