Bees Good even in the heat!

It seems like the only thing lately that has made it on here is about bees. Bees good even with a heat wave. This past June officially hits the books as the 5th warmest on record in this part of North Carolina. So far the two packages are doing well.

bee_week6a We are still feeding the bees as discussed before and really have no plans to stop until they have drawn out the comb. I am happy with the progress that the queens and her workers have made. The one hive that has been lagging behind is starting to ramp up. I can definitely say there are more bees in the hive then when the packages were installed.

bee_week6bThis tracks with the progress that both hives are making. Bees good but the flow of nectar is gone. There has been a marked increase in the amount of sugar water being consumed. This dovetails with a lack of nectar in the area. The bees are still finding pollen and the queens continue to lay eggs.

bee_week6cWhile the bees are getting what they need and you can see in the picture above they are storing the available nectar, which in this case is sugar water, they also have some capped brood on this frame. This is very good as this was an outer frame. Bees good and bee keeper happy. That is what we will take.

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