Fall Planting Time here in the South

Fall Planting Time

As the hot summer days continue on it is Fall Planting Time. The dog days of August start to give way to cooler temperatures and the gardeners start tending to the plants that like cooler temperatures. No matter what season we are talking about I personally am ready for the change towards the end of the season.

As we start to transition the Fall Planting Time signifies a trend where cooler temperatures prevail. These conditions are good for the lettuce and peas to proliferate. Back on the menu is fresh lettuce and radishes to pair with the summer tomatoes. There is not much better than fresh lettuce. I do say that fresh broccoli rivals it and that always finds a way into my garden.

Now that it is Fall Planting Time here in the south what are your plans? Do you have space reserved for any crops? Feel free to add a comment below or sign up for our daily updates via email.

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