One easy way to establish a new garden without tilling the ground!

Establish a new Garden

There are many ways to establish a new garden spot. One important lesson is how to do it without mechanical equipment. It makes it easier for me to do it without a tractor and I think it has great long term benefits.

Thomas_Jefferson_garden_at_MonticelloThe benefits of a true lasagna garden bed is that you have already amended the soil. The typical way is to put layers down on top of the intended area much like a compost pile. The idea is to let it compost in place. The ground covering that was in place is another compost layer and disappears in the process.

The process can take a long time depending on conditions. The best part is that a little preparation and forethought will ensure a very good start on your gardening. Once it is time to plant in your garden the top layer will already be loose and not needing to be turned.

This style of gardening has made it easier for me to establish a new garden spot. The areas that I had my tomatoes in containers last year was layered in the early summer and has been doing it’s thing since. I am hoping that having them closer will make it easier to take care of make it a banner year for tomatoes.

If you have been a faithful reader then you know I need the change up as lately the tomato growing has been a humbling experience as of late. Here is to 2012 being the comeback year for me in tomatoes.

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