Fundamental Change in the Energy Needs of a Country

Energy Needs

I was reading a fairly good letter by a young man who is ready to Go Galt from America and one of the reasons was due to energy needs changing. He had some good points and some that I would question, but I think he has a good point about the dependence on cheap oil.

We have built a society and infrastructure totally dependent on cheap oil. It has become more and more a dependence on foreign oil. Almost every part of our society is built upon cheap oil. From farming to distribution all the way to where we hang our hats at night was built with the thought of cheap oil.

We have seen the prices fluctuate up and down and see the effect on the economy when ut happens. The official government answer are programs like cash for clunkers and Chevy Volt that do nothing but enslave their people even farther. There could be times when it may make sense, but I know in my situation even if I was getting 5 miles per gallon it is not economical to buy another vehicle even if it got 100 miles per gallon.

The payback would be too long for me personally. The insanity that we can change the dependence by purchasing more fuel efficient cars is absurd. There is a reason that when the wheels are rolling the value of said asset is dropping.

There may very well come a time in this country where the public may wake up and see that to fix the dependence is going to be totally abandoning it. When the primary mode of transportation was a horse and buggy the asset generally does not lose value until way later in life. Times were simpler and we spent more time working in a local community.

The energy needs that current communities generate only seem to grow and there is a time coming when it will fail. Are you prepared for a long term power outage? Get your energy needs under control now before it is too late.

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