Controlling Access Points to your home!

Controlling Access Points

One thing that a worsening economy will have you thinking about is controlling access points to your home! Even in a nice community during pleasant times we no longer live in a society where you can leave your doors unlocked. As crime increases and forced entry becomes more normal what thought have you given to controlling access points into your home?

The most logical point for controlling access points is the door. The main entrance should be as open as possible. Hopefully you do not have a recessed door allowing criminals a place to be out of view while forcing entry. If you do have a recessed door than you need to reinforce it that much more to add to the time it takes to gain entry.

The best type of door is a steel door that has no windows to break out on it. There should not be any side windows around the frame. These allow criminals to break or cut the glass and quickly unlock the door. The longer that you can delay someone from getting in the door the better your chance to be prepared to defend your home.

One of the best additions that you can do for your doors are to attach solid U brackets that allow you to slip a 2×4 or 2×6 in the bracket thus securing the door. You need to make it easy to slip out for obvious reasons. This will transfer the load points to more parts of the door.

While this works well for doors controlling access points for windows are a little harder. The good thing is that windows are smaller and often times harder to get to. The use of a solid rod drilled where the two windows meet are a great addition. You can also you a mop handle custom fit to keep the bottom window from opening.

Controlling access points to your house are critical as crim increases and police response time climbs. You owe it to your family to be prepared. The reality of controlling access points is that you have to have it easily opened from the inside in case of an emergency and you need to egress outside.

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