Eat what you prep and prep what you eat

Eat What You Prep

It goes without saying that you should eat what you prep and prep what you eat. If and or when anything happens the last thing you want to have happen is realize you do not like what you have stored. Humans are creatures of habit by nature and many of us do not like change.

One thing that we have changed is to eat food from as local as possible. This works out well for your local farmer and for you. You eat better and there is a farm infrastructure in place near you.

eat what you prepI stopped in the other day to pick up some Strawberries. Nothing like getting fresh stawberries that were grown within 150 miles in January. These are Solar Tunnel Grown and they hit the spot in January.

Typically Strawberries are a sign of Spring, but now through local farms we can enjoy them almost year round. We love Strawberries in my house and typically we have to make do this time of year with home-made jam. That is still a refreshing smell when you open a fresh jar.

Ruminating about strawberries caused me to think what else we should be storing and eating. What comfort food would you like to have or smell during the darkest days of your life? When TEOTWAWKI hits will we find joy by opening a food jar or will be just be happy that it is something we can eat.

We have tried to ensure that our tiny pantry has things that we like to eat. We eat out of it regularly both out of necessity and planning. There will be some things that will obviously not be available if the trucks stop running. There will be some adjustment for us but we try to hammer the pantry pretty hard.

We do this because of good rotation practices and the fact that it is easier sometimes. When we need to replenish something we have the date that we canned it and the quantity. This allows for us to plan on how much we use it per year. That is very helpful when it is time to can some more.

The more we can the better prepared we are when TEOTWAWKI hits. We have already adjusted our bodies to eating these types of meals and we have been able to plan for the quantity needed.

I say this with the glaring fact that this winter has been super easy to eat from the garden. What I did not mention was that before the strawberries we were eating a baked sweet potato and fresh salad with fresh carrots from the garden. Now obviously it could have been better if we had some radishes and tomatoes, but in January in North Carolina you take what you can get.

I hope you give serious consideration to eat what you prep and prep what you eat. It is important to eat what you prep or else when hard times hit the food will not be as welcoming. Even if hard times do not come then you have a better and cheaper option than fast food.



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