Don’t Be fooled Preppers are good People!

Preppers are good People

Despite the blatant broad swipe of a paintbrush by main stream television to make preppers look bad. Preppers are good people and they are bringing important information to the masses today and most likely in the future. There are a lot of them that want a return to a self-reliant life.

As I mentioned yesterday Ron Foster has generously made three copies of his newest book The Solitary Man available to my readers. The first one was claimed yesterday and I will randomly select another winner from my email subscribers this morning. The last copy will go to people that commented on yesterday’s post.Go make your comment right after watching the trailer.

I know after watching the trailer and already through Chapter 1 that this book will not disappoint. Ron is a fantastic educator and you can find more of his books at Amazon. He is also spreading his message outside of his books through his collaboration with Goat Hollow and LowBuck Prepper to get the message out on Real Day Preppers.

There is a reason for these guys to put the information out there. It is a method of educating people and operating under the concept that sharing the information will return rewards to them depending on how one measures. They are good examples of preppers are good people.


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